Here Are The Facts

I’m not surprised that in the closing days of this election my opponent and his surrogates have gone negative using innuendos, distortions, half truths and down right deception in a desperate attempt to attack me personally while deflecting from his own record. He started the weekend with a direct mail piece attacking me. And then continued his negative attacks on his social media, even going so far as to call me “irrelevant” and a “liar.” You will never see me call my opponent a name. As I’ve done the whole campaign, I’m going to stick to talking about the facts. I will continue to talk about my qualifications versus my opponent’s qualifications. And I will talk about my job performance while serving as a prosecutor versus my opponent’s job performance while serving as a prosecutor. The voters of Claiborne, Bienville, and Jackson Parish deserve a judge who will work hard for them. I will work hard for them and treat all sides fairly. Vote May in Division A!

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