Committed to hard work and to serving the people
of Bienville, Claiborne, and Jackson Parishes.



Committed to hard work and to serving the people of Bienville, Claiborne, and Jackson Parishes.

Learn more about Walter’s experience and qualifications for judge.

Important information for the voters of Claiborne, Bienville, and Jackson Parishes.

Walter answers some Frequently Asked Questions about the upcoming judicial elections.

Hear What Others Have to Say About Walter May

Bienville Parish Chief Deputy Sheriff Randy Price has spent his entire 40-year career working to make our community safer, stronger, and more secure. Chief Deputy Price is supporting Walter May for District Judge in Division A - Jackson, Bienville, and Claiborne Parishes. Randy believes that Walter is the best choice for judge because he’s seen first hand how hard Walter worked protecting our communities as District Attorney for 18 years. "Walter made himself available to law enforcement 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Randy says. "Whether we were at a crime scene, at the coroner’s office, in Walter’s office discussing a case, or in the courtroom presenting the case, I always found Walter to be an honest, knowledgeable, fair, respectful, and passionate seeker of justice. That same willingness to work hard that made Walter a great DA will make him a great judge. I’m honored to stand with Walter May!“

David Conn shares the success story of his experience with Walter May and the Pre-Trial Intervention Program he started.


Robin May shares some insight on Walter and his North Louisiana values.


"His experience combined with the kind of man he is will make him a great judge" – Pastor Don Hall


"His record of prosecuting violent offenders and drug traffickers was second to none."– Bettye Pate


"I was impressed with Walter's calm temperament, sincerity, and compassion." – Pastor Bently Williams


"Walter has the experience, work ethic, and sense of fairness to be a good judge." – Jim Hatch

The elections in November will be pivotal for our nation and for every local and state seat up for election. The District Judge seat for our Division A and B will be crucial. I have known this individual running for District Judge since he and I participated in Junior High School football and track and field. He was a distant runner and I was the sprinter. I always had respect for this man having serve in the military and in public service as an District Attorney. He is not perfect nor is any other candidate . I do know this, he will uphold the Constitution of the United States and Louisiana in a fair and impartial way. He will interpret the law as the law is written. He will dispense justice where justice is due. I know in my heart Walter May is the best choice for judge and I ask all my friends and classmates who can vote for Walter May to cast your support in November. Good luck friend.

Terry L. Driskill

I hope you get elected. You're one of the nicest officers I served with while I was in the service! Definitely went out of your way to help soldiers anytime you could.

Jamison Self

I believe you would be a great judge and I wish you best luck with God's guidance.

John-Olin Sparks

I believe you would make a good judge as a honest and fair person. Good luck in your quest.

Freda Sparks

No better man to be a judge.

Tom Flannery

Vote Walter May for Judge people please! He is the man and the person for the job, so remember please vote Walter May!

M Louisiana Richardson

I am writing to share my experience and thoughts about Walter May, the best candidate for Judge. I have known Walter May for many years, and was fortunate enough to have met him as a defense attorney and I voted for him for District Attorney. As his volumes of experience have been well published, I feel compelled only to mention why I personally believe he’s the best person to preside as Judge. I was able to witness firsthand his passion for the rights of true victims, as well as his ability to keep a contemplative, open mind while judiciously weighing all facts from a disciplined and objective point of view. This ardor for justice held fast throughout his time as a defense attorney, and continued throughout his 18 years tenure as District Attorney. In his career serving our Parish, he has wielded the flanks of the Judicial system with skill and benevolence. Based on Walter May’s resume, character, and flawless integrity, I firmly believe he’s the most enlightened choice and perfect fit for Judge. As a lifelong resident, and spending more than half his life in law enforcement, I know that Walter May is the best choice for Judge. Even though he is extremely tough on crime and takes pride in locking up violent predators and narcotics traffickers, his first priority has always been defending the CONSTITUTION. Walter May always believes in the rights of true victims but never forgets the rights of the accused. I believe he possesses the qualities and experience to be an excellent Judge, and I ask you to join me in voting for Walter May in Division A for District Judge.

Thank you
All “GOD” blessings to each of you

Cathy Johnson

Countdown to Election Day!


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Latest Campaign News

I Will Be Prepared. I Will Work Hard.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5a6HMrCyQ_0&feature=youtu.be A Message from Walter May to the voters of Claiborne, Bienville and Jackson Parishes: My opponent, instead of running on his own record, has ...

Here Are The Facts

I’m not surprised that in the closing days of this election my opponent and his surrogates have gone negative using innuendos, distortions, half truths and ...

Taxpayers Paid Avery $360,000 for No Trials!

SHOCKING DISCOVERY! - WATCH THIS VIDEO The taxpayers have paid Darrell Avery $360,000 to be their felony prosecutor. And he hasn’t conducted one single trial! ...

Bienville Bound!

I’d like to thank Sheriff John Ballance and the Bienville Parish Sheriff's Department for letting me come visit with them yesterday and for letting Chief ...

2-Man Shamble

I had a great time seeing everyone Saturday at the Homer Golf Club Tournament.

Riding in Ringgold

It was my pleasure to attend and be a sponsor for the 1st Annual Riley Jinks Memorial Rodeo in Ringgold. This wonderful event honored Riley ...

Shrimp at Hooks

Robin and I had the pleasure of supporting the Caney Lake Community Foundation at their shrimp boil held at Hooks Marina on Caney Lake in ...

Hanging Out in Haynesville

I had the pleasure of attending last night’s Haynesville City Council meeting. I enjoyed speaking with everyone and I was grateful for the opportunity to talk ...

Hurricane Help

I truly appreciated the invitation to assist in providing and passing out fruit and bottled water to those still working to overcome the effects of ...

Visiting Arcadia

This week I had the pleasure of attending the Bienville Parish School Board meeting. Being a former teacher and coach, and having three daughters in ...

Taking the Subway to Castor

Monday evening I was pleased to be able to bring dinner to Bienville Fire District 6 in Castor during their training session. I was welcomed ...

Hurricane Meeting

U.S. Congressman Mike Johnson addressed Claiborne Parish Police Jurors, local mayors, and other officials regarding hurricane damage in the parish, government response, and relief. Walter ...

Honoring Our Veterans

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of attending the Veterans Monument Dedication Ceremony at the Athens Veterans Therapy Gardens and Trail. The gentleman with ...

One Hot Meeting!

I enjoyed visiting with members of the Homer Fire Department. It's always an honor to get to meet with our first responders. I also appreciated ...

Arcadia City Council

I was excited to attend the Arcadia City Council meeting at the invitation of City Attorney Rob Moore and Mayor O'Landis Millican. I appreciated the ...

HQ is Up and Running!

Wow! What a great turnout we had last night at the Grand Opening of our Campaign Headquarters in Homer. Thank you to everyone that stopped ...

Grand Opening!

Come out and see us next week!

Meeting at Luigi’s

We had an organizing meeting last night with a great group of supporters at Luigi’s Restaurant. The food was great and the company was even ...

Rodeo Night!

Everybody had a great time this weekend at the 38th Annual Mount Olive Christian School Rodeo in Athens. Robin and I had so much fun ...

Tools for School

Walter, who was out of town to attend the high school graduation of one of his grandchildren, helped sponsor the Tools For School event in ...

On the Trail at Traina’s

I was so thankful to spend some time with longtime friends and supporters last night. We rented the fabulous Traina’s Bakery that has served our ...

Qualifying Day!

I was so honored to share this moment with my wife Robin as I qualified for judge today. Thank you, Robin, my family, and my ...

Congrats to the Grads!

Robin and Walter took time off the campaign trail to celebrate the high school graduation of three of their thirteen grandchildren. They were joined by ...

Jackson Parish Chamber Banquet

Robin and I had a great time last night celebrating the local business community at the annual Jackson Parish Chamber of Commerce Banquet. Judge Jay ...

Swearing-in Day in Bienville Parish

I was also honored to attend the swearing-in ceremony of another good man, Eddie Holmes, as the new Clerk of Court in Bienville Parish. Part ...

Swearing-in Day in Claiborne Parish

I was honored to be at the swearing-in ceremony today for Sam Dowies, the new incoming Sheriff for Claiborne Parish. Sam is a great guy ...

Claiborne Charity Golf Classic

Robin and I attended the shrimp boil and fundraising events at the Haynesville Country Club on Saturday as part of the Twenty-first Annual Claiborne Charity ...

Retirement Celebration

I attended the lunch for retiring Claiborne Parish Sheriff Ken Bailey on Friday. Both the fried catfish and the company were great. I am pictured ...

Haynesville Youth Sign-ups

I had a fun afternoon yesterday visiting with some of our future star players and their families and coaches at the Haynesville Youth Football sign-ups.

Good Eatin’

We enjoyed our recent dinner at Homer Seafood restaurant and visiting with the owner, David Nokes.

Bienville Candlelight Prayer Vigil

I had the pleasure of attending the Community-Wide Unity Candlelight Prayer Vigil at the Bienville Parish Courthouse last night. Pastors, church leaders, and law enforcement ...

Mount Olive Fundraiser

Robin and I attended the first night of the annual Mount Olive Christian School fundraising auction last night in Claiborne Parish. We enjoyed catching up ...

“I was impressed with Walter’s calm temperament, sincerity, and compassion.”

Bently Williams is the pastor of Bethany Baptist Church in Quitman. As a Bienville Parish Sheriff's Deputy Bently also protects our children as a School ...

A Message from Robin May

Robin May shares some insight on Walter and his North Louisiana values. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uwgiRHphTg&feature=youtu.be

“Walter has the experience, work ethic, and sense of fairness to be a good judge.”

Jim Hatch has been a well-respected attorney for 45 years. He spent more than 24 years as a prosecutor and assistant district attorney in Claiborne ...

Thoughts on Memorial Day

May is Armed Forces Month, and Walter took a moment to offer some thoughts on Memorial Day and what it truly means. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mj5Ldhr5cys&feature=youtu.be

Teacher Appreciation Week

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYJYKi7pjvg&feature=youtu.be This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. In this video message, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all the teachers who make ...

More Love for Healthcare Workers

Walter made another stop to show his support of healthcare workers in the Second Judicial District on Friday. He provided lunch from Raising Canes for ...

Another Special Delivery

Walter continued his support of health care workers in the Second Judicial District Saturday. After delivering lunch to the staff at Jackson Parish Medical Center ...

Walter Delivers!

Today Walter took the opportunity to thank the healthcare providers at Jackson Parish Hospital in Jonesboro by bringing them lunch.  Safety protocols were the number ...

A Big Thanks to Our Healthcare Providers

In the middle of all the politics and controversy surrounding COVID-19, one clear, positive thing that shines through is the hard work, courage, and sacrifice ...

To Our Graduating Seniors

For all those graduating seniors who have had to miss special school events, and may miss their proms and, perhaps, even graduation ceremonies, we see ...
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